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New New Zealand

My apologies for the delayed letter my friends, I have been caught in a yoga-matic relaxation factory known as Kawai Pura Pura. We arrived in New Zealand at around 1:00 am after an 8 hr layover in Fiji - uneventful except for More Kava! The Auckland airport had much appreciated…

One Night in LA

We arrived for our overnights to layover in LA at about noon on Saturday. After a slightly confusing, hot, and tiring bus ride and one block walk to our hostel, we realized that even after downsizing our backpack loads at Dad's house, we had over packed - especially Sam! Carrying…

YVR Airport life

First blog post on our big adventure!  Ps. Sorry I stopped updating this blog for a while - things have been crazy all summer trying to get all the little odds and ends taken care of.  Heck yes! After a solid two hours of sleep, Ian and I made our…