A Brief Introduction to Bali

A Brief Introduction to Bali

As you may have already ready, I’m SUPER jazzed for the big trip my fiancé and I are planning.

I have already put together a powerpoint presentation for each country we visit. I figured it would be fun and informative (and a great way for me to continue to stay jazzed up about it) to share its contents on a weekly basis.

Each week, the basic categories will be as follows

  • Our Main Reasons For Wanting to Visit
  • Pre-Cautions.
  • Cultural Don’ts.
  • Currency and Exchange (though the exchange might not be 100% accurate as I did grab these numbers a few months ago.)
  • Immunization (If required)
  • Activities/Places We plan to do/visit whilst visiting
  • Weather for the time of year we’re planning to visit.
  • A few terms in the native language (if not english)

This week, we’re talking Bali! 🙂


Our Main Reasons For Wanting to Visit

  • Gorgeous Landscapes
  • Beaches
  • Quite a few workaways
  • Interesting Culture


  • Bali is, in general, a safe destination, and few visitors encounter any real problems.
  • The money changing rule is simple: use only authorised money changers with proper offices and always ask for a receipt. Avoid changing money in smaller currency exchange offices located within shops, as they more often than not will try to steal money by using very creative and “magician”-like methods.
  • Last but not least be wary around the monkeys that occupy many temples (most notably Uluwatu and Ubud’s Monkey Forest). They are experts at stealing possessions like glasses, cameras and even handbags, and have been known to attack people carrying food. Feeding them is just asking for trouble.
  • Don’t drink the tap water.
  • Haggling is acceptable.
  • Wear a helmet.

Cultural Don’ts

  • Don’t touch anyone’s head, including children.
  • Do not attend any temples whilst menstruating, ensure to be dressed very modestly.
  • Do not use your left hand to hand something over. Ensure to use both hands.
  • Do not point, unless with your entire hand.
  • Do not completely empty your plate.
  • Don’t do drugs.
  • Do not touch anyone with your feet, nor use your feet to point. Ensure to take your shoes off at all temples and residences.

Currency and average exchange

  • 1 Indonesian Rupiah = 0.00010
    10,000 Indonesian Rupiah = 1.04 CAD


Activities/Places We plan to do/visit whilst visiting

Weather in November

  • On average, the temperature is about 27 degrees Celcius.

Some common phrases

  • Good morning (until 11am) – Selamat pagi [se-lah-mutt par-ghee]
  • Good afternoon (until 3pm) – Selamat siang [se-la-mutt see-ahng]
  • Good evening (until 6pm) – Selamat sore [se-la-mutt sore-ray]
  • Good night (at night from 6pm ish) – Selamat malam [se-la-mutt mah-lahm]
  • Good night (before going to bed) – Selamat tidur [se-la-mutt ti-dur]
  • No, thank you – Tidak, terima kasih [ti-duck, ter-ri-mah car-see]
  • Please (when asking for help/bargaining) – Tolong [toh-long]
  • Di mana? = where?
  • How to get there? = Bagaimana caranya kesana?
  • di mana Jalan (Jl.)… ? = Where is Jalan…?
  • Jalan = street or walk
  • Berapa harganya? = what does it cost/how much is it?

Note: The photo featured does not belong to me. I found it on google.

Next week, we’ll discuss Singapore!

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  1. Hi,

    Nice list! May I add a suggestion here? Include a visit to the Komodo National Park – it’s in Labuan Bajo. There are flights from Bali and from thereon you get on a boat and sail over the Indonesian waters to reach this national park – home to the komodo dragon! On the way to and back from Komodo and Rinca Island, there are fab diving spots and a beach with pink sand! marine life is rich and varied!!!

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