A Brief Introduction to New Zealand

A Brief Introduction to New Zealand

I have already put together a powerpoint presentation for each country we visit. I figured it would be fun and informative (and a great way for me to continue to stay jazzed up about it) to share its contents on a weekly basis.

Our first stop is going to be Hawaii. As you probably noticed, that post was somewhat short due to it being a US state, with what I imagine to not be as drastic a difference as, for example, Thailand.

Each week, the basic categories will be as follows

  • Our Main Reasons For Wanting to Visit
  • Pre-Cautions.
  • Cultural Don’ts.
  • Currency and Exchange (though the exchange might not be 100% accurate as I did grab these numbers a few months ago.)
  • Activities we plan to do whilst visiting.
  • Weather for the time of year we’re planning to visit.

New Zealand

Our Main Reasons For Wanting to Visit

  • The Beauty of the country
  • The culture
  • Similarity to Canada


  • Tap water is drinkable.
  • GST is 15%
  • Tipping not extremely common.

Cultural Don’ts

  • It is polite to offer to help out, for example with washing the dishes after a meal. Your initial offer will likely be be denied, at which point you should immediately ask “Are you sure?”. Offering once and then failing to ask “Are you sure?” is considered cheeky at best, rude at worst.
  • The reverse is true: if something is offered to you, the person offering does not necessarily want you to take it.
  • Always be polite. Do not haggle on prices.

Currency and average exchange

  • New Zealand Dollar, NZD 1 NZD = 0.93 CAD



  • The average for October is 20-25 degrees celsius.

Links of Interest & Further Reading

http://www.newzealand.com/ca/article/north-island-vs-south-island-new- zealand/

Note: The photo featured does not belong to me. I found it on google.

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