A Trip To Toronto, Ontario

A Trip To Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is a huge city in Ontario, Canada. With 2.6 million in Toronto alone (not including all the suburbs that are basically attached to Toronto), there are plenty of places to visit, things to see, and people to meet!

Unless you’re looking for all kinds of cold and snow, I’d recommend visiting in the late spring/summer, or even the fall. Winter is unpredictable, as it is for most of Canada.

How we got there:
We flew in from Edmonton, which took about four hours.

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at two places, Best Western Primrose, downtown, and Crowne Plaza, near Pearson airport. Both were great, though if you have any plans of sightseeing, etc. I’d recommend getting closer to Toronto (Mississauga is a suburb). That being said, there has been a route called the UP Express that goes from the airport to downtown in approx 25 minutes. We just missed it being completed, which was disappointing, because it took over an hour to get from the airport to our hotel downtown.

What We did:

Once we got downtown, we walked to the Eaton Centre for a quick bite. I had some Indian food from the food court, which was delish! There was also a nice little vegan spot that I picked up a few treats at. 😛

Just a heads up – we spent less than 1.5 days in Toronto, so this is our experience was a bit limited, and since I (Sam) used to live in Toronto, the recommendations come from previous experience.

We then returned to our hotel for a bit of relaxation, before leaving again to check out Yonge Street at night. We also took the subway to union station to see the CN tower, Rogers Centre and the Ripley’s aquarium (mind you, we did this at night, and did not actually enter any of the places. I am originally from Ontario, and had already been to these attractions, and by the time we got there, spending the money to enter wasn’t worth the time we had left before they shut down for the night). We then stopped at The Big Slice, a place my mom used to hang out at back in the 80s after the bar. I had been a few times growing up, but it was special to visit a place that my mom frequented way back when.

The next morning, we left downtown to head back near the airport (Mississauga) as we were attending a wedding and had to be closer to family.

For dinner on our second evening, we took an uber (my first ever!) from Mississauga all the way to Scarborough, only to find the restaurant we wanted to visit was out of food! The uber driver was really nice, and drove us to the closest subway stop to get back into Toronto.

As Ital Vital was out of food, we went for our second choice, Hogtown Vegan. I had seen this place on instagram, and was more than happy with our experience.

If you have more than a day or so to go sightseeing, I’d highly recommend visiting at least one of these places.

Casa Loma > a giant castle museum that is just gorgeous!

CN Tower > expensive, but worth it if you never have plans to return to Toronto.

Kensington Market > a lively street market with amazing food, gifts and drinks for dayssss

Royal Ontario Museum or Ontario Art Gallery > If you’re about that art life!

Ontario Science Centre > Great for adults and kids alike, the title is pretty self-explanatory. 😉

If you are into amusement parks, Canada’s Wonderland is, in my opinion, the best amusement part in Canada!

Places We Ate

Food court @ Eaton Centre (indian food + treats from Urban Herbivore)

Pizza @ The Big Slice (A non-vegan option…though still vegetarian)

Hogtown Vegan

Plenty of Starbucks

Wedding dinner (amazing & my plate was 100% Vegan!)


What I wanted to eat

Ital Vital 🙁

The Views!


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    1. Toronto is a great place! 🙂 I am not of french descent, but I did go to a french school until I was 15 years old. 🙂 Thank you again, I definitely will! 🙂

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