New Zealand Vegan Food Guide

New Zealand Vegan Food Guide

I did a bit better at saving and taking pictures of food this time – though I still probably will never take pictures of every meal. Sometimes you just gotta dig in!

I did a lot of cooking in NZ (not that that’s ever a bad thing) – but even then, it’s expensive as hell! Make sure to read the labels for the ingredients if you’re grocery shopping – nobody likes those kinds of surprises.

Pak N save is basically like a “no frills” type grocery store, perhaps the cheapest you’ll find. I was thankful to have brought some spices, oil, etc, or it would have really broken the bank.

Organic is extra expensive, and isn’t the easiest to acquire, but as with most things, is easier to find in the bigger cities. Common sense Organics (grocery store) is a gem, and you can find some stellar deals if you’re lucky. They even have a naturopath working on site, and you can ask them any questions. Their “dried” section is on point, with each item also labeled with its health benefits, and for around 7$ I got some wicked tea supplies (I made my own blend!)

Another thing, New Zealanders really like dairy. Perhaps really like is even taking it too lightly. The chocolate bar aisles at gas stations and convenience stores are HUGE – and the candy aisles are small, often only having 1 vegan option, maybe two max.

Oh, and all unhealthy food is shockingly expensive. Like 6$ for a bag of candy, the size that would be like 2$ in Canada. The only option I found that wasn’t 6$ was a shocking 3$ bag of jelly belly rip offs, with probably like 15 jelly beans in it.  When you’ve got the munchies, cost is clearly not a concern haha.

Ps. If you like coffee, you’re in luck – even the gas stations and McDonald’s freshly roast the beans, but at a price. Be prepared to watch your wallet cry every time you buy coffee. They also don’t really do drip coffee, it’s all espresso. A “Long black” is basically an Americano.

Anyways, without further ado, here are some places you can get some vegan eats in New Zealand!

At Kawai Pura Pura in Albany (outside Auckland) they have a community vegan meal on Mondays for 5$. So delicious!

On Wednesdays at KP, there is a hare krisna meal done by Mark, one of the residents. Also 5$. (Can be made vegan, but I had the paneer).

Greentime in Auckland – delicious but unbelievably expensive. Like 17$ for a burger…with no damn sides! Can’t a gyal get a couple fries or SOMETHING!? I did like their overall message though, and the decor was cool.

The loft in Auckland – Run by the hare krisnas, Sundays is a 5$ eat fest (8$ of you show up after the Kirtan, around 7 pm) – and we’re talking a serious feast, including a second helping bigger than the first, cake and the lot. Can always be made vegan.

Soul shine at Browns bay – bomb ass breakfast – a bunch of vegan options.

Hungarian Langos bread stall at Ostend Market, Waiheke Island – 5$ for a giant piece of ridiculously delicious bread. I got the herbed Harissa, and regretted nothing. There is many more vegan options at Ostend market, but I had no room after the giant piece of bread.

Little Frog in Oneroa, Waiheke Island – organic, delicious and not badly priced. I got the wrap the first time, and got the Mexican Galette the second time we visited.  There are quite a few Vegan options present on the menu, and also in the sweets cooler, though limited in comparison to non-vegan sweets.

7 Siri – Sri Lankan food in Auckland – very reasonably priced, substantial portions, and unbelievably delicious.

The Chimney Indian food in Rotorua -Nicely priced lunch special that left us contently full afterwards.

Aunty Mena in Wellington – super delicious Malaysian vegan restaurant with very reasonable prices.

Cuba street night market in Wellington – quite a few vegan options available, including super delicious dumplings & various soups/stir Frys. There was also a vegan stall with vegan burgers and treats, I just happened to not be in the mood for a burger.

The Lotus Heart in Christchurch – this place was top notch! The energy in this place was at minimum magical. Run by some Hare Krisna folks, we somehow got a table after many others being turned away, and I can see why it’s so popular. Even a lady who had made a reservation that day got the boot. Lesson learned – make a damn reservation, at least 48 hours before going!

Sal’s pizza in Chrstichurch, but is a chain – went cheese-atarian for a meal – super good pizza! They do vegan pizza sans cheese.

And there you have it folks! The bigger cities, as with most places, have many more vegan options.

Hope this helps anyone curious about veganism in NZ – and as usual, it’s possible!

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