Being a vegan on the big island (Hawaii) – it’s a thing!

Being a vegan on the big island (Hawaii) – it’s a thing!

This is a vegan guide to Hawaii’s big island!

Just a heads up – Hawaii is expensive, especially for us Canadians. As we worked on a farm that was remote, we did a lot of cooking and fruit picking. Grocery stores are best avoided – hit up the farmers markets for the best deals. That being said, we did most of our “restauranting” when we were done working on the farm, minus the one weekend we went to Kona. Being vegan on the big island is definitely possible!

Please note – I did have pizza a couple of times, which is not vegan (cheese), but both places did have vegan options (aka no cheese.)

Unfortunately, my iCloud couldn’t handle all my photos, so the photos I took of the food is no longer available. You may be able to find it on instagram, but no promises.

Places and spaces


Natural foods in Kona (great grocery store)
Basik Bowls – acai bowl
Evoolution bakery – chocolate chip Mac nut cookie + iced coffee
Get sum – slice of cheese pizza
Kava (awa) bar – awa/kava root is vegan, and they did have some food options.
Ai pono vegan cafe – I got the lasagna – bomb!

Hilo & area
Turmeric Awa from the farmers market – Outside Hilo (saw Indian, Thai and other vegan friendly booths)
Iced vegan choc mint gelato and kombucha after ecstatic dance (pahoa)
Conscious culture cafe – bowl with quinoa and in house kombucha
Tin shack bakery (pahoa) – garden bagel with kombucha

Waimea & area
Noodle club – garden ramen
Cafe Il Mondo – pizza
Hina Rae’s Cafe in honokaa – pumpkin pie spice cookie butter acai bowl
Sea Dandelion cafe – vegetarian cafe and awa bar (unfortunately closed the day we got there, but looked INCREDIBLE!)

There you have it friends! I’m sure there are plenty of other options – but those are the ones I have personally experienced.

We’ll see if my memory serves me well enough to do a New Zealand guide. 😅

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