First week in Hawaii

First week in Hawaii

We were barely 5 min walk outside the Kona airport (taxi fare was $80 – Nope!) when we were picked up by some kind hippie dudes (Bradley and Ted) in a VW Cabrio – they said we looked like we needed a ride and we agreed – didn’t even have our thumbs out! Cramming our packs and ourselves into a compact car backseat – we were snug as a bug in a rug. They gave us some tips on hitchhiking and even stopped off at a grocery store so that we could stock up! Bradley talked about how his life had recently been positively transformed by a recent awhuasca trip and gave us his shamans contact info (she’s currently in Bali..hmmm..). They dropped us off further than their turn off and sent us off with a couple of hugs – we’re off to a great start! A couple of more hitches and we were at our farm. The owners, Marcie and Steve seem nice. They took us to a community league concert with some Hawaiian music and dancing – many different songs that all sound the same. The most memorable part was the blatant toupee on the retiree in front of us -Fix your wig-piece duke! Home cooked vegan curry afterward was good and filling.
 First day of work was orientation and some light labour, throughout the week I gathered and moved grass clippings for mulch, dug 16″ holes in ground that consists of 90% lava rock and 10% dirt, and de-vined/weeded a cacao tree grove -hard work, but fun! Unfortunately my hard work is a little under appreciated in terms of food provided. The rice they keep is infested with bugs and some veggies from the farm are off limits due to being on sale soon. So, pretty much the only thing being provided is beans and some sparse fruit- woo! As well, sticking in my craw, was the 1/2 hour of preliminary instruction before the owners left for business on the other side of the island they’ve been gone all week! (oh-well maximum deniability on my part if I do anything wrong). They seem nice enough, just a little spacey, irresponsible and unproductive. It will take a lot to get me down out here – I’m having a great time! Hard to be negative in paradise.

 After working our 5 hours a day, we’ve been visiting the beach (we were told it was a 45min walk away – more like 90min. Oh well – hitchhiking is super easy and fun. We checked out “The Painted Church” Hawaii’s version of The Sistine Chapel, except smaller and worse art of course – very neat through. I’ve been doing yoga every morning and most afternoons. I would like to practice my other obsession – kickboxing, on a nice soft banana tree but, we’ve got a damage deposit to worry about. 🙁

 Yesterday (our 1st day off) we hitchhiked to Kona and spent the day walking around eating Acai/fruit bowls, pizza (thank god!) and drinking Kava – makes you feel great! Picked up some groceries at the market. Today (our 2nd day off we went down to the ocean and did some “cliff” (10ft high was the highest we could find) jumping with our other farm workers. Got sunburnt real good!

 When we finish our commitment at this godforsaken (joking – kinda..) farm,Sam and I are planning to hitchhike around the island, stopping at the Volcano (it’s spewing lava for the first time in five years), Umauma Falls Zipline near Hilo, and Waimea valley (purported to be the most beautiful spot on the island) before flying to New Zealand (for some hopefully fairer and fun-er work-aways) I’m pumped!

– Ian

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